Twenty-One Gamblers Slots: An Enthralling Slot Variation

An interesting and enthralling slot variation developed by International Game Technology and released by Barcrest USA, Twenty-One Gamblers Slots features combines the basic rules of slot and blackjack. The mechanics of this slot variation is similar with other slot variations that have three reels, but it offers more rewards and incentives to lucky players. To know more about Twenty-One Gamblers Slots, let us take a closer peep at the game's special features.

Description of Twenty-One Gamblers Slots

Aside from having three reels, Twenty One Gamblers Slots has a single pay line, which makes it easier to play. Some versions of this game that are available at casinos accept different coin denominations such as quarters, half dollars and dollars. Many players show interest in this slot variation because the jackpot prize that Twenty-One Gamblers Slot Machines offer is 10,000 coins. To increase the payouts of players, the slot variation also features three times multiplier icons.

Placing Maximum Bets in the Interesting Slot Variation

Twenty-One Gamblers Slot Machines activate the extra game feature when players place maximum bets. After placing such bets, the machines present a single set of unexposed or faced down cards on the screen. Players need to select one card from the set. The values of cards in the set range from deuces and aces.

The objective in the extra game is to create a hand that has a total between 12 and 21. When players succeed in the bonus round or the extra game, they get payouts depending on the value of the hand that they create. Casinos have varying pay tables for Twenty-One Gamblers Slots so it is best that players understand the pay table that a particular gaming establishments follows before they play the game..

Drawing of Additional Cards

Like in classic blackjack, Twenty-One Gamblers Slots allow players to draw additional card. However, this move is risky since if the value of their hands exceeds 21, they lose the game. Hence, even if players gets busted hands, the slot variation still gives the, 10 bonus credits for the extra games that they play.

Players should take a close look on the icons or symbols that appear in the reels when the play this attractive slot variation since there are special icons that can give them rewards and incentives like five times pay symbol. Players get the top prize that the game offers if they luckily get three five times pay symbols in any active pay line.

Because of the special features of this slot variation, slots players should try this game in online casinos or live casinos. Once again, players should remember that in order to qualify for bonuses or rewards that Twenty-One Gamblers Slots offers, they should place the highest possible bet. Above all, it is essential that players learn the basic elements and mechanics in playing blackjack and slot.