The Essentials of Bank on It Slot Machine

Tired of the traditional one armed bandits? Some of the latest slot machines offer various side games that they become confusing already. After you have inserted your money and hit the corresponding button, you wait for the outcome. If you are looking for an exciting alternative, then try Bank on It slot machines.

Bank on It is not the traditional 293 reels, 216 additional games type of slot machine. It consists of three reels and the pay chart is quite easy to comprehend. Just like regular slots, you can use multiple denominations and an additional one. Bank on It can be played using five denominations namely nickel, fifty cents, quarter, dollar, and five dollars, respectively.

If you are tired of seeing blank pay lines, well, there is a new twist in Bank on It. When you have reached three blank pay lines, the coins you have used are placed in a bank known as the "Piggy Bank." When the game starts, there are 150 coins and the bank will continue to grow once you get three blank pay lines.

In order to break the bank, you need to obtain three piggies. Bank on It uses a wild which can substitute for a piggy. This is one of the many exciting enhancements to slot machines and serves as an excellent side game as well.

Just like in standard play, you need to play the maximum coins to win the jackpot. With Bank on It, there are three coins to max out. When you have reached the maximum coins, start hoping for the three red 7's because it could be your ticket to winning a hefty sum of money.

The rules of Bank on It are fairly simple. When you have chosen the denomination, you choose the amount of coins to play. Don't settle for anything less than the maximum. If you will go for less than that, then there is no reason to play at all. Your aim is to win the jackpot and you cannot do that with other slot machines without playing the maximum.

When you have placed your coins, all you need is to hit the button and spin the reels. The pay table can be easily understood and it can be directly seen on the machine. It does not require sub-screens to find out how to win. It has a single pay line much like the old slot machines.

When the wheels come to a halt, you would know if you have won or lost. There is no other side game except the Piggy Bank.

So if you are looking for a simple slot machine, then Bank on It is the right one for you. It's simple but exciting to play.