A Slot Machine History

Want to know where the slot machines came from? Interested in its history? Slot machines are very entertaining and thrilling too. Exploring its lush history guarantees slot machine collectors vast knowledge on what's authentic or not.

Whether you're playing online or land-based slot machines, they are descendants of the original model, the Liberty Bell. It was pioneered by Charles Fey in 1899. Charles was a German immigrant working as a mechanic in California.

The Liberty Bell's mechanism worked like the slot machines of today. Inside it was a 10 symbol reel, with a maximum of 3 reels horizontally. History states that the symbols used in the reels were card game suits and mostly the liberty bell symbol. When you pull the lever, the reels will roll and if all 3 symbols match- you'll win the jackpot.

You'll win 10 nickels and/or 50 cents when you spot 3 liberty bells. This is the jackpot and quite a large amount back in the days.

The odds in those days were easy to calculate. There are 10 potential stops and 3 reels thus, 10X10X10 = 1000 Combinations. One of those numbers is the jackpot.

In 1902, slot machines got banned. This proclamation paved to the innovation of changing the symbols on the slots with candy, gum, and fruit icons- offering those symbols to whoever wins the slot pull.

Symbols like cherries remained constant on slot machines today. The bars symbol are a renovation of the old gum stick which is very common to machines now a days.

In the 1970's, the slot machine's freshness in the scene of the casinos led to its unfamiliarity. They are big and bulky covering much of the space. It's also not efficient because the jackpot price can't even make enough profit prior to the slot machines.

And then the pinball company "Bally" comes up with an idea to revolutionize the slot machines. They redesigned the slot machines with electronic and mechanical parts fused together forming a more profitable machine. The slots are capable of getting larger amounts of bets and can accumulate bigger coins.

In the 1980's, a generator for random numbers is popularized. The concept is basically a small computer programmed to simulate reels to create a random number effect. This evolution changed the realm of the casinos. Actual reels could have been larger than the small computer thus it was made more efficient gaining more profits.

Today, the slot machines cover almost 80% of the casinos floor space. There are also new innovations of slot machines which are very entertaining. This made every casino's profits grow.

Want to know where the slot machines came from? Interested in its history? If these questions are asked again, smile and impress your friends with the information given here.